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Want a song? Need some sound design? Or a production of your material?
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Song licensing
You can license our music directly from our library on SourceAudio
Or send us an email at licensing@counter-communications.com
Or call Chris at +1 323-365-6600 or Marion at +1 415-361-2279

General contact
email: info@counter-communications.com
phone: +1 323-365-6600

If you think your music would fit well into our catalog, please send us an email to submissions@counter-communications.com including links (no files in email!) to some of your best songs. We are happy to listen and get in touch with you if we also think they'd be a fit.

Press contact
Deborah Brosseau | Spinner PR
email: info@spinnerpr.com
phone: +1 323-314-4203

Legal contact
Ben McLane | McLane & Wong Attorneys at Law
email: bcmclane@aol.com
phone: +1 818-587-6801

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latest library albums

  Rising Tension 3
Orchestral/Electronic tracks - perfect for (true) crime, action, trailers, and suspense.
 listen & license

Undercover Mission -
80's Synth Score
Classic synth scores, from dark horror to crime fighters and the Top Guns. Style of Faltermeyer, Carpenter, Horner, Fiedel...
listen & license

  Oblivion Blues -
Dark, Psychedelic Guitar
Psychedelic guitar/electronic tracks, perfect for weirder scenes, hallucinating minds & otherworldly landscapes...
 listen & license

Lost Refrain -
Somber Solo Piano
Classic solo piano cues - somber, melancholy and haunting. From dark romatic to sad farewell.
listen & license

Amidst The Ashes - Harsh Electro Metal
From hard rocking to otherworldly weird, these tracks send you into an occult, action-packed netherworld
 listen & license

End Of Days -
Apocalyptic Tension
Dystopian futures, alien worlds and harsh sounds - perfect for action, horror, science fiction...
 listen & license

Terror Fields -
Dystopian Action
Threatening machines, warrior cyborgs, and humans fighting alien technology
listen & license

Creeping - Pulsing, Droning Atmospheres
Futuristic and ohterworldly tracks, full of tension, fear, and eerie atmospheres
 listen & license

Hackertracks And Cybercrimes
Computers, networks, crime and murder - haunting, suspenseful tension tracks
 listen & license

Badlands Danger Zone
Dystopian worlds, deserted temples, and unknown adventures await with these hybrid droning, foreboding tension cues
 listen & license

Low-End Tension
Low frequencies and sub basses, dark, eerie cues, perfect for tension, suspense, and dystopian challenges
 listen & license

Transmissions From Hell.
Industrial & Dark Wave
Instrumentals from the early 90's, perfect for tense, creepy, and chase or club scenes. In the vein of Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy...
 listen & license

We Are Inside -
Ambient Horror
Harsh, creepy and dystopian, bringing your fear factor to new levels. Perfect for horror, fantasy, challenges, and scripted reality
 listen & license

Dark Piano
Chilling solo piano cues,
perfect for drama, crime, horror. From somber sadness to eerie stalkers
 listen & license

Deep Into The Rose -
Electronic Instrumentals
Emotive, hypnotizing instrumentals in the vein of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Stranger Things
 listen & license

Heavy Metal Beast
Hard rocking cues
for action, sport, horror.
Original Heavy Metal feeling
 listen & license

Pleasure And Pain -
Classic Goth Rock
Harsh, hybrid tension tracks for dystopian worlds
 listen & license

Pulsing Tension 3
Tension cues with tribal drums, chants and orchestral/
electronic elements
 listen & license

Dystopia Unfold
Harsh, hybrid tension tracks for dystopian worlds
 listen & license

Tribal Tension
Tension cues with tribal drums, chants and orchestral/
electronic elements
 listen & license

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latest releases

no:carrier & Scilla
Chasing Tears
trip hop | electro jazz

Chris Wirsig

electronic | instrumental

no:carrier, Mills, Nadia S

epic | orchestral | Cure cover

Bad Moon Rising

darkwave | electropop | synthpop


Chris Wirsig
Signals From...

electronic | instrumental


Broken Rainbow

darkwave | electropop | synthpop


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